English session

Horoscope reading in English

It is said it has got very special meaning when you were born. Would you like to know and feel that “meaning”? You can explore that from psychological view through this session. You might meet something new in yourself – even you haven’t seen!

Making a Fragrance sachet.
(Nioifukuro: Japanese style)

“Nioifukuro” – Japanese fragrance sachet was well-used among high-classed women in the old time.
Now we Japanese often use perfume instead of it, but nioifukuro’s good point is its long-lasting aroma, and you can take it anywhere you want (because it is very light!).
As you know, aroma has got several good influence on your health, including mental ones.
You could put it behind your pillow for your well sleep.
If you want, you could make it for your special occasion – can be an exam, important meeting, interview, or special date.